Zielona Dolina – ang.

little green world

Come along to the world of my little green dream

where green is the grass and the leaves too are green.

Where boys love girls and girls are fair,

where it’s always green spring and green sparkling air.

So take hold of my hand and than you will see

that all is joung , and you and me ;

are there for ever, if we really, really care

and time will stop for eternity ….

We’ll rest for a while by the green river side

and see the moon draw a path of green light.

Where the meadows are green and green are the roads

and happiness is green where we’ll go.

So take hold of my hand and …

When we’ve been in that dream for some little time

we’ll ask you bare to drink the sweet wine

and you’ll see for yourselves how the boys love the girls

wo are fair as our dreams of that little green world …

So take hold of my hand and …

_________ words > Bengt Scotland _______________________music: ___ mkd

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