neT_tumaczenia …

Internet jest dla mnie Ňļr√≥dŇāem nieustannej radoŇõci… gdy mogńô moje utwory znaleŇļńá nagle pod adresem, pod kt√≥rym nigdy bym sińô nie spodziewaŇā, smiejńô sińô radoŇõnie – mimo, Ňľe¬†nie wszystkie sŇāowa dajńÖ sińô przetŇāumaczyńá … w tym zbiorze przedstawiam tŇāumaczenia moich wierszy i tekst√≥w (na jńôz, angielski?) – do kt√≥rych doprowadziŇāy mnie linki znalezione w statystykach mojej Witryny MKD Poezje, ¬†linki do stron zagranicznych portali (azjatyckich i europejskich) gdzie ktoŇõ czytajńÖcy moje wiersze zaŇľyczyŇā sobie tŇāumaczeŇĄ .

Dokonywane sńÖ one¬†przez automatyczne translatory i dlatego, gdy¬†bŇāyŇõnie nagle jakieŇõ „moje”, polskie sŇāowo – nie oznacza to, Ňľe robot maŇāo inteligentny, lecz Ňľe – mŇāody :-) … a Ňľe sińô czasem zarumieni¬†… c√≥Ňľ, niech sińô wprawia… to roboty podobno majńÖ „coŇõ” zastńÖpińá, gdy czŇāowiekowi caŇākiem przestanie zaleŇľeńá na… na rozwoju…?

Nie ma sińô co dziwińá mŇāodoŇõci… p√≥ki jeszcze wystńôpujńÖ r√≥Ňľnice cieszyńá sińô naleŇľy, Ňľe takie „coŇõ” sińô zdarza, Ňľe¬†wŇāaŇõnie tu – w internecie. Dlatego jest tak cudowny, bo przy pomocy robot√≥w tak zbliŇľa ludzi, a ja… przecieŇľ szukam CzŇāowieka:-))


Greetings …¬†( ŇĽyczenia … )


That something that makes us sleep …
 which did not dress us up in the word ..
 that something that so no,
¬†up … crazy …
 wariactwa to confusion and utterly,
 turbulence, to the lack of breath,
¬†the rise and flight hen, there …
¬†and – smile …
 Friendly, strong hands, which mark
 give you a smack, and soft, if necessary,
 under the stars will show you the trail
¬†… up to heaven;
 such glances, admiration and breath,
 such emotions, beautiful, and soul
¬†that makes so that you …
 though Рyou do not have ..
¬†this freedom, what drives you in blue —
 however bad it was cloudy and the sky;
 and memory, that was me
 I wish Рthat.

. .
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Proximity …¬†( BliskoŇõńá ‚Ä¶ )

Tucked in the palm of my hand,
 down on the neck, sparkling spark
 when touched,
¬†pulse temples, eyes glow …
¬†I remember everything …
 All the tenderness and longing,
 noticeable in the trembling of the eyelids,
 and smells Рpromises
¬†the word will not give …
 blinking eyelash tints
¬†and this, pervasive, proximity …
 impossible to forget.
¬†Difficult for me …
¬†I remember everything …

‚Ķ …

________________________________________________ mkd


¬†Work …¬†( DzieŇāo ‚Ķ )

…¬†Virginia … fast unbekannte psychoterapeutin geeignet …
 I woke up,
 rested like,
 as an artist, conscious, sober,
 until suddenly Рagain I hear your silent whisper,
¬†this voice … and quiet
 the sign of silence,
 I can, and I want
 and I, you just,
¬†from memory, such as from a dream, immediately carve …
¬†With the sound of your words, and what the —
 created a beautiful, white as thy breast, Work!
 Konwaliowa whole,
 twitches in the crown of hair,
¬†vibrates black and white …
 Before my eyes, lashes, screwed,
 cascade of light emerges from the gloom
 of you made Рwork.
 Sculpture you from memory,
 and I do not want to think
 if I have time Рit is what arises in us
 to be a good start.
 The creators of uncertainty lies,
 it might, unnamed;
 and infinity
¬†close —
¬†has just started …?

. .

__________________________________ mkd


Hey! People …¬†(Hej! Ludzie ‚Ķ)


Do not be afraid of what you get suddenly,
 do not treat this like a joke.
 I give you courage! Thy big win!
 For daring to be the world!
¬†Although you do not have reason to glory —
 do not cry when no time for tears.
¬†Nothing reaches the one who lacks faith —
 So do not be afraid Trust me!
 Learn that a full round
 people, wish you well
 Have a great chance to call them:
 Hey!  Ludziee ..!  Come out from hiding!
¬†I give you heat, so little known —
 you had wanted to start!
 Share your warmth, let everyone get
 this opportunity, because each is worth!
 There are such people. The pulse waiting
 idly as last years.
 Sans you great.  D aj myself to these people
 and pass their faith in the world!
 Learn how timid the full round
 people, wish them well.
 Do not loose the chance to call them:
 Just show up!  Come out from hiding!.. ..

__________________________________________________ mkd ___ 2009


Instruments …¬†

(Instrumentarium … )

You are beautiful, and when he bends prńôŇľysz
 tempt me, daring and provoking poses,
 when aware that you wish Рin the distance vanishes
¬†when you play me and … well you play.¬† You …
¬†So we treat you the way you like – a tool …
 and the cans on your lips,
 hidden under the lashes glow,
¬†Thy hair, the wind tearing them …
¬†… And this … … what your prez is untouched
 none of my hands, the fingertips
¬†and feel that now that … yes …
¬†that will come … in a moment, the rhythm of dance ….
¬†Treat you as an instrument …
 Stradivarius will be more beautiful than to sing:
 nothing like this would create any violin maker
¬†but I am the creator … we fly to heaven …¬†
¬†… Warm rain will flow from there very lucky …
¬†give us peace … somnolent darkness in color
¬†Fog droplets – as the best champagne …
¬†give us peace … until the dizziness …

¬†Treat you as an instrument …
 РAlthough I would like to bestow a feeling.
¬†Not want …
¬†… So you will be an instrument of great
¬†but … „soul” will give her … When you start to dream …

____________________________________ mkd

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¬†sofa …¬† ( kanapa ‚Ķ¬†)

Again, I spent the night calutkńÖ
¬†on my old couch …
 on it, which so tied
 to me here, where the best I can
 sleep and rest,
 without disturbing anybody.
 Elsewhere Рor do not sleep,
 Or sleep carefully, like a hare,
 rabbit, dog, or how,
 which sees its bones;
 and here, on my couch,
 how calm I feel.
 Of course, she saw
 ambiguous in his long life.
 Often I had to cover the,
¬†would not see … the other;
 I can then that it
 jealous beyond measure?
 I did not mean never tire
 her.  Sometimes it succeeded,
 but once, when I saw
¬†hole in the texture blanket —
 it occurred to me:
 She watches me at night,
 and probably also a day,
 using a hole
 in a blanket Рhe looks!  My
 crying?  Sensitive to nature?
 Therefore, frequented
 wet, drenched in tears?
 I had to talk to her,
 translate.  Between us
 once agreed,
 to let go of what was,
¬†in oblivion … and so now
 lasts between us love.
 Smooth, like
 takes a great feeling,
 and I know that waiting for me,
 to sleep with me when I get back.
 To her as to Ithaca
 I return always happy,
 and her skin and shape
¬†Neca’s so enticing,
 forget all that
 odysowych my experience,
¬†and I shall always …
 unless there is a dog!
 Well, yes!  Dog!  My faithful dog
 is right on the couch
 time to sleep when I am not
¬†… And I believe him, I do not snoring.

______________________________________________________ mkd


KATYŇÉ ‚Ķ Katyn …

¬†… And again passed another anniversary issue in 1940 (by the chief of Stalin’s Russia and the unanimous applause of the other members of the Politburo of the USSR (Kliment Voroshilov, Vyacheslav Molotov, Anastas Mikoyan, Lazar Kaganovich, Mikhail Kalinin, Lavrentiy Beria. Http:// KATYN_zbrodnia_ludobojstwa.htm¬†¬†¬† Nobody stopped.¬† Nobody was against) an order to kill in the forests near Katyn, Kozielsk, Ostashkov and Starobelsk shot in the back of the head of several thousand¬† imprisoned by the Russian NKVD in the western districts of Poles in Belarus and Ukraine
¬†So much intrigue, so much so Injuries and brothers-Kain√≥w cowardice, not courage to admit to the crime …. The outstretched hand of friendship … we are still waiting on the voice of the Great Russian.
¬†Every year, another anniversary passes ….¬† and the more, more will be – Memories! … truth and memory can not dig … the confession of sin and the word „sorry” to get the really Great …

 Place on the stand
¬†– A big piece of me …
 but like nothing more peaceful
¬†makes all tremble …
 Listening to the silence of the forest,
¬†As the father of a little kid – I listen to …
¬†Earth says …
 The growing voice in the cry,
 and memory in the long jump lifts
¬†puppies my age —
 when too small, weak
¬†I gave the go in the world …
 O Father, what treacherous
 shot in the back of his head fell
¬†sleep impressed upon the child’s heart
¬†image of the bloody …
¬†Kat …
¬†Killed in Katyn it —
¬†so decided to „brother”.
¬†There – my Father zdradzono …
 Where the bloody picture.
¬†Kat …
¬†They ordered the executioner to love …!
 Cruel for so many years
 impunity could sweep
¬†history of „Big Brother”
¬†Our „Great Benefactor”
¬†„The Sun”
¬†„Commander” …
¬†… Because today I have the strength to be able to forgive him.
¬†… Because today I can forgive
 you, those days piewcy
¬†crimes and lie your …
¬†… When you give me the truth!

. .
._____________________________ mkd ____1978/2005/2007/8


kosmodyssea ‚Ķ ( kosmodyssea … )

You are a little dot …
 With Venus distant background
 migasz me his light.
¬†You know,¬†¬†¬† that¬†¬†¬† it¬†¬†¬† just¬†¬†¬† I …
¬†It’s like so far
 from you, nice to.
 On my planet, Mars,
 travel    age the entire loading
¬†in the ocean of the universe …
 As Odysseus Рby the age
 I build the ship.
 For us.
 I swim to find you ..


___________________________________________ mkd ____ 2008


space ..¬† ( kosmos …)


 If someone wanted to save me poems
 Dangerous, do not serve as a lie
 РPee  great to have gun.
 How human stupidity РTaaaka great!
 We must stick to be cannon
 earthly pride, baseness, envy;
¬†collapse rows in a ball pŇāomienistńÖ
 and to push them a cannon barrel,
 able to delegate the Minister
¬†what is „theirs” is when you want – that deaf,
 that captured the cannon dzyndzel
 in their sticky, twisted fingers
 and Рreceive enough. He volleys a signal to
 This domain marshal, prime minister,
 that Рas usual Рflammable!  Paluchom
 Poems by graceful fluttering in space!
 Minorities to have died on Venus,
 Patriotism on Mars, and the rest
 so away from the planet Earth
 РWhere a cretin are creating a bard,
 where mediocrity reigns and estrus
 and for goodness pay chamskim joke!
 Wenusjanki appreciate, Mars,
 and on earth not Рso it is worth the Cosmos!…

______________________________________ mkd ____2008


Princess …¬†( KsińôŇľniczka ‚Ķ)

¬†I heard about Princess —
 do not remember the name.
 It was said that when read without respite.
¬†Everything about romances were presented —
¬†It read … dreaming …
 Bathing in champagne,
 cyankiem poisoned betrayal, hesitations lover
 faithlessness of lovers, do not sleep nights,
 and instead of away from the palace, banish evil spirits
¬†– Poetry carefully collected all the crumbs …
¬†This only fueled …
 Although alluring Рtrill
 became still, paler and more silent.
 Poetry reading at night, and sunny in the morning,
¬†instead of making me his lucky lover —
 preferred virtual experience anguish.
 Instead, gently caress me Рprefer my soul
¬†consider and to think … advantages disadvantages …
¬†Well, always an enigma – a woman working …
¬†So I had to explore it …
¬†Now … in jeans, sweater,
¬†or fur – is flying to me, like fresh air …
¬†Watch for her przer√≥Ňľni guys.
¬†Can look, but it – do not fly on them …
¬†because the wise, and the Princess, as many an award —
 and you need a morsel of poetry, and Рman.

. .

________________________________________ mkd ___ 2006/9


barely scratched …¬†

( ledwo zarysowana … )


 Welcome! Quiet man, modest, barely scratched,
 full of poetry and beauty of the soul.  Your great drama
 consists only of no faith, no Рno power.
 Why is Blake in his four walls, do not sleep at night?
 Rather than welcome the day that rises radiant eyes,
¬†Make `up to improve, the lover wake up saying that you love —
 you dream in curlers on her head before you become a mirror.
 Bottom of despair and how landscape after the battle?
¬†To whom you’re going?
 In front of me after all that you do not.  Hide nothing.
 Nothing about me you do not know, because I do not want to know! 
You know what I live?
 Not to can to show you the way back
 in a friendly world, where fear and do not threaten privacy?
 When it can not, you rose bloomed for me, even though
 Hollywoody are, where you can boldly go?
¬†There full of „beautiful world” women, in this illusory world.
 Take a look Рhow many of them use brooms to fly there!
 You do not have a broom!  When you wish, to your beauty
¬†you refer.¬† On what in my heart tremble … and burst.
¬†At the tears, which can zalŇõnińÖ eyelashes longing for action,
 At my breath hoping that today entrust your lips.
 On what you like in the fledgeling kwili, longing waiting
 for something that is still in front of you Рfor my loving.
 Do not make me more talk and more do not make me wait.
¬†I’ll never be that of Hollywood.¬† You do not want – Human?
 You will be with me and had plenty of unusual experiences,
 if it so beautiful that you see Рwant to believe it!

. .

____________________________________ mkd ________2006/7

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Letter fragrant Cafe …¬†

( List pachnńÖcy Cafe ‚Ķ )


 When you come here, you are your eyes
 a burning hope, until I am afraid to write.
 When you receive this e-mail Рwill trace it.
 Announcing the line, the stanza
 write a man just for you, from the Cafe.
 When you will read this letter,
 It will probably dreamed that you greet him,
 that wants to answer
 although one nice word
¬†what said …
¬†Read …?
¬†And heart ready …?
 Look!  You are still on the path,
 that nowhere is chasing.
 It is not worth to stay?
 Do not you see me?  Still trwonisz
 its a beautiful time, which stood next to
 in amazement watching gnasz ahead;
 Those sympathizing with the suffering so great, like,
 that it is not already, that you have to wait
¬†until you meet the Prince of a fairy tale …
¬†Why not me?¬† … … … Human Rights …?
 If it is difficult for you, you forgive me
 This letter, written from the Cafe, and it is that you are unhappy.

__________________________________________ mkd MKD


Complaining …¬†( Narzekania ‚Ķ )


¬†Pleasing to thy complaints that – some time ago – krzyczaŇāaŇõ!
¬†Kind of quiet, but „go mad”!
 And today?! Are Longer than to silence us!
 All the gestures and steps lead to something mysterious,
¬†and today – it is not proper! ”
 And if it is, chaos, randomness full
¬†and silence us there … in the drowsiness is hidden?
¬†… … … … …
 Do not be surprised, after all, so consciously is indeed the case,
 because I love to listen to you, real woman.
 The more you terminate, the more happy,
 are more satisfied and more mature,
 and me, by the maturity, how close you are!
¬†… And I leniwińá a delightfully with you;
 achieved with less effort so the same thing
 which previously required the energy loss
¬†huge indeed. Zbńôdniejszych than that embarrassing!
¬†And yes … I delightfully, nothing doing,
¬†lie – glad to hear … … thoughtlessly nestled¬†
 in perfectly moist, radiant heat,
 especially useful in winter niedogrzanym interior,
 whose ideal is worthy of a poet,
 under cloak woven from dreams lying,
 and it is so well-deserved Рagain, to create, willing,
¬†when he muses hot talent warms the power ….
¬†… … … … … … … …
 Thank you, Honey, for thy complaining.
¬†Call me.¬† Ah!¬† M s. N c not make …
¬†the warmth of your body and words of significance —
 not to rest early
 I silently hope;
 survive a short circuit, short, the spark of joy,
¬†not knowing who scream, but whisper —
¬†„Go mad”


__________________________ ______ mkd ______ 2008


Portrait of our lives …¬†

( Naszego Ňľycia portret ‚Ķ¬†)

¬†What’s in you and me for the devil,
 that when the tap Рas soon breathe ..
 When I discover so many secrets
¬†undiscovered … and you, and me.
 These fun Рif you enjoy everything
¬†These gŇāupotki – from laughter to proximity,
 Those mornings when I look in your eyes,
 if so wait Рwhat new zaskoczysz.
 When you no good out there, and with me,
 when silence makes us pleasure,
 where is the sensitivity, which is seeking the us,
 and the desire to be on forever.
 The fact that you like and serious, and tears,
 that I am with you safely and reliably,
 gonisz zalotnym that I look,
 and when you Рwraps his arm
 to us softly, softly from the loud,
 to us warm, hot, and divinity,
¬†to calmly that time that lasted …
 to be sleepy dream fulfilled
 about all this, what is Рor not;
 and where, did not alter the pattern.
¬†That in our lives pńôdziŇāo forward
 be allowed, as in his youth,
 always willing and strong, the faith
 new discoveries are still to be old.
¬†Because everything that happens to us —
 it is in me and you, darling!


_______________________________________ mkd ___ 2009


Oyster …¬†(Ostryga … )


 She was so shocked
 and evil,
 beset the hedgehog,
 the broken edge
 crystal glass
¬†Acute …
¬†even the fog, which like zaŇõlepiaŇāa eyes
 could hurt envy
¬†as the glass shells …
 Do not believe it.
 There were no indications that
¬†and least – her character …
 When someone looked
¬†by large wells Ňļrenicowe
 in the depths of the soul,
 seen as extraordinary
¬†irrevocably sucked him space …
 How much was there and emotions,
¬†and sighs …
 Those who knew how to look,
 appeared a whole,
 in the middle of a gold-coated with dust,
 or, as the lacquer cacuszko
¬†decorated with ornaments —
 miracle calligraphy.
 Exceedingly subtle,
¬†yet so soft, it hardened …
¬†August gave gulp —
¬†the oyster …
¬†Some …
 because not everyone
 familiar with,
¬†… … … And can do.

__________________________________________ mkd


On the left side …¬†( Po lewej stronie ‚Ķ )

 On the left side of our duvets,
 where no one is looking for us,
¬†keep the „unknown” in the arms,
¬†and my heart knocks … knocking …
¬†WskoczyŇāo under duvets this page
 , yet unnamed,
 and his heart silly knocks, and knocks
¬†and does not know what’s going on …
 On the left side of our duvets
 you can see everything as in a mirror.
¬†Here you will find a small ciepeŇāka
 nestled in our vicinity.
 Here are the breaths we all
¬†crazy, and gŇāaskanka
 and the excitement in a quiet breath
¬†coming of the morning ….
 On the left side of our duvets
 We are close to each other,
 so close that if you can still
 be closer to Рnone of us knows.
 Because after that left duvets
 not looking for anything.
¬†I feel only that … unnamed;
¬†and my heart knocks … knocking …



____________________________________________________________ mkd___ 2008


Przepraszam PanińÖ ‚Ķ Excuse me lady …



. ..
 Ms. very sorry.
 I am only a poet,
 and Mrs. wants
 for more than Muza, time?
 Very sorry lady.
 I only write poems
¬†about „love” and you in the morning
¬†want to practice! ”¬† Remarkably,
 that even if the music the
¬†difficult to persevere in asceticism —
¬†want to practice this morning … with the poet?
 It is hard to believe;
 but can you known
 better than me, dear Madam,
 that we forgive the poet
 as beautiful as you Рmorning,
 because then, as if by accident,
¬†sigh you hear that you are an angel …
 and then Рexpand the wings,
¬†and then …
 Ooh Рsorry Mrs!


___________________________________ mkd ___ 2004


PrzesyŇāka z Ňā√≥dki ‚Ķ Consignment of boat …



¬†I send my picture …
 РYou can hang on the wall,
¬†sztambuch paste them into the „Drop”
 Remarkable woman Рfor me
¬†… Or braid them in strings …
 They did another woman
 who was so jealous
 and so this picture did
 that did not even see a paddle
 not to mention the eyes
 a paddle priority
 yet served by;
 only because of his participation
 the pictures got out to
¬†to you – swim at night …
 on talk and laugh
¬†and may cry with laughter …
 eyes soak up the eyes,
¬†themselves nose to nose breathe …
¬†– Be sinners without sin …‚Ķ


___________________________________________ mkd


Decency …¬†(¬†PrzyzwoitoŇõńá ‚Ä¶ )

… People without faces, Ňõmieciopi√≥rkom & consortes – a token …
 How happily and innocently
 appears in encyclopedias
 landscape of the world that the child
 should be seen every day.
 We speed in the dust, stressed,
 tired over the vibrant temple.
 We do not have time to stop,
 breathe, to feel the smell of bread.
 Taste, which is a child from the cradle
 based on his life was,
¬†and these rules, once a close —
 today lies the primitive dust.
 These arguments, good for a kindergarten,
 and the antics are unnecessary,
 Today they play quite a different role
 War and transformed,
 the sick ambitions and frustrations,
¬†and the weaker stupid joke …
 Oppress, debase Рto be right?
 Win РI fart all worth?
¬†… On the quiet corner, forgotten,
¬†in thy deeds upaprane —
 looks at you with pity
¬†something that „decency” is called.

. .

________________________________________ mkd ___ 2009


Joie de vivre …¬†(RadoŇõńᬆҾycia ‚Ķ )

 In our world there are some
 which have all served as a tray.
 There are some cacy, beautiful, healthy and wealthy.
 Do not know the job Рthe presence of them pay!
 Still on the cover of Playboy is,
¬†on demand or have girls’y Boy,
¬†shine as the stars of the premieres and Rolls Roy’ach
¬†…. Are like a burnt-out husk after the cartridges!
¬†In this world are the young „old”
 where the boy or girls do not even zamarzy,
 such as the mask is still not without its face,
 what curse, when misfortune happens to them,
¬†if they are-in-law or mother –
 if can not live like other colors.
 You still grind language Рrather than move his head
¬†and may so¬†¬†¬† re still at the newly …
¬†I, too, so I could be … yet
 I am not Prince or at Planet Rose
 but I have a secret, unknown in this world ..
¬†and probably you, sadly – because of it’s world …
¬†And I’ve got the joy of life itself!
 Something you often lack Рis the secret.
¬†This joy of life, such a joy – it’s wrong.
 Is worth more  your ego than gold!
¬†This is all my secret —
 that the whole world, but so vile Рstill fascinates,
¬†I’m another that I have the joy of life,
 that my life is not without a promissory note to cover!
 Yes, I know how important each
¬†that he had „something” in itself and that neighbor obdzielaŇā
 and joy in life was not one particle,
 for the joy of life Рfor everyone!
 For everyone!

________________________________________________ mkd ______ 2007/8 

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 Think Рhow many wasted evenings,
 Restless days and sleepless nights,
 if thought as gestures zadumanych,
¬†Unless sensitive looks straight into my eyes …
 Think about how many words softly whispered,
 Small facts as how many important events.
 Think of how much color surprises,
¬†and travel to the land of dreams …
 Remember our love
 where we flourished like a flower.
 Remember how it was
¬†by so many, many years …
 Think what a joy, these tiny,
 as dreams, travel the wilderness,
 jokes and laughter as much sorrow,
¬†if joint excursions in the air …
 Think of how many cloudy days, sunny days,
¬†as long minutes, unless – short hours …
 Think about it and say Рif necessary,
 whether we need this word: I quit!?
 Remember our love,
 where we flourished like a flower.
 Remember how it was
¬†by so many, many years …

‚Ķ …

_________________________________________________ mkd

So we need a sensitivity …¬†

(Tak potrzeba nam czuŇāoŇõci ‚Ķ )

Note this moment,
 give a hand. It may just love
 coming timidly
 and makes the world of you too little?
 . When the body comes to life
¬†. If that „something” to discover anew —
 .  thought that this was the one true
 . Your heart, poor heart beats again.
 So we need sensitivity
 and hope that love and Рlove,
 and this faith Рthe very wishes
 believe, believe, believe Рagain!
 When you say that he loves
 already in the words you wish, fall in love.
 No matter what was
 When you feel that this is love.
 . Przytulisz, Discover
 . And you know Рonce again alive
¬†. They think that’s the one true …
 . Again, the heart, poor heart feels the rhythm.
 So we need sensitivity
 and hope that love and Рlove,
 and this faith Рthe very wishes
 believe, believe, believe Рagain!


____________________________________ mkd____ 2008

Longing for a place …¬†

(Tńôsknota za miejscem…)

They are such a beautiful place, without the bustle and noise,
 idle talks.  Nobody is chasing time
 and there is no policy experts, which pokes their dog,
 program-makers on our stars of the day, month,
¬†There is no Gangs of Four, Societies: From NacińÖgaŇĄ,
¬†GdybaŇā√≥w, and Uragan Mutual Adoration.
 Here everything is transparent, genuine, unfeigned;
 Here you can travel in secret and unknown.
 This is the place where the buffoon forgets propaganda.
 Go there!  Theater!  National Janda,
 maybe the Comedy of the New or Old,
 the Forefathers’ Eve, the wedding, to survive Wyspianski.
¬†He, Shakespeare, Dostoyevsky, Moli√®re, Mickiewicz, Fredro —
 We know how to show the world our heart.
 Zagubcie in chairs, Understand Surrealism
 and the absurd, as the Commune assisted capitalism
 meanness plays with the smallness of power!  Because the world
 only here in the theater, they will find the truth!
¬†Because we, as a kind of seeing, still we can not look —
 blindness, we have in our DNA!  Masks are we!  In the theater,
 masks when we lost, strangely to us, but healthy.
 Some secret, sly, anonymous
¬†experience and explore can have the honor …
¬†but once in a lifetime – be yourself!¬† And only here, at the Theater … .

________________________________________ mkd_____ 2008


UFO mischief …¬†(Ufo-ludki …)



As is known, has long been on the planet Earth
¬†UFO run-Ludki, zgrywuŇõne creation.
 Most of us joke tunes, but experts are of the opinion
 zgrywusy that lead to human studies.
 The more vicious it is, the less they know that!
 Lies in the substitution Рwe like it or you do not want
 РMostly near the original person
¬†the double!¬† It’s disgusting alien ways
 by deceit, suddenly, at different times of day,
 We replace the beloved mother-in monster
 faithful wife in houri, the design virtues of blackguard,
¬†and the great politicians in what people called „rag”.
¬†„Click!” – Is meanly aliens give all socks.
 Marries a man with a wise, and after the wedding Рstupid!
 Conversely, it happens, but rarely ladies
 not blaming the UFO, when a successful connection,
 I usually dolt Рa treasure! So could something irritates
 the people where great Marshals?  Prime Minister?
 Ministers?!  So for us in time of elections mile?
¬†Can „click!”, Those from outer space had long been done …?!‚Ķ …


___________________________________ mkd ____ 2008


Wen …¬†(Wena … )
 Sometimes comes to me Wen.
 Brazenly pushing their knees.
 Substitutes to be stroked.  Whispers
 good to me here is with the Lord,
 warm and well.  I feel that Mr.
 underestimate me, but respect;
 that you receive my presence
 too superficially.  Nooo!  Kidding!
 After that I come here to you
 and a joke with your clothes,
¬†I know, I’m very well known,
 and the fear of reputation;
 and the LORD heard this too seriously
 treats all as they come,
¬†but like … Fear not want to think —
 as his reputation harm,
 So if I go only once,
¬†when something useful is wanted —
 what will happen?  Is it very painful?
 Do you touch my soul?  Is your body?
 Are you now spend with my knees,
 if you befriended me
 with me and wants to survive
 all over again, in my imagination
 a mad rush, which envelop
¬†Lord and me?¬† Will venture …
 and you?  I do not see and hear
¬†opposition … but something, after all – I feel?

________________________________________ mkd ____ 2008

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