You, My World …

(Wersja w jęz.ang. wiersza pt. Za szybą   > „Ty, mój świecie”)

You, My World                          Maciej Krzysztof Dąbrowski//MKD Poezje

                           (przekład: Krystyna Jackowska IX.2010)


Beyond misty, cause of breath…
The wolrd…
Watching me through the glass
– for years.

So misty that glass…
For ages, I think –

Resonated, to the soul
its quivers sends

You, my world
of my wings, there…
Is there any good that I have
from you?

Only that,  lips still desire
to experience the taste…?
…yet, without complaints
with my life`s burden
I bear?

Beyond misty, at heaven`s
I`m waiting,scared like a hare
with no strength to break that glass

Look Lord…how many creatures
are waiting as I,
humbly, till you come
and help

Autorce tłumaczenia serdeczne dziękuję za tę miłą niespodziankę … IX.2010_______ mkd

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  1. 06 Wrz 2011 @ 9:02 am CanadaJola Poland

    Life is full of surprises and is therefore cruel…
    With love and hope..It’s gotta be..

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